Garage door won’t open. We are experts at repairing garage doors and garage door openers. Need a spring replacement? We carry your choice of garage door springs. From standard to custom high cycle Lifetime warranty springs.

Garage Door Repair Near Me Gold Bar Washington

Garage Door Repair Near Me Gold Bar Washington

Call 1st Choice Garage Door Repair Seattle for your Garage Door Service, Garage Door Replacement and Garage Door Openers. We only use the Best Products available in the market today and source them at affordable pricing which we extend to our customers. Heavy Duty Hardware, Choice of Garage Door Spring, Premium Ball Bearing Rollers, High Quality Garage Doors and the number 1 selling professionally installed garage door openers. All Service calls include a Basic Door Tune Up and 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

We are a locally owned business serving Seattle City and surrounding areas.

Our dedication to Customer Satisfaction, combined with Expert Technicians has made us the Top Choice for all your Garage Door and Automatic Gate needs.

Gold Bar Washington Garage Door Repair Near Me, If Your Garage Door Is Giving You Hassles Contact Us Immediately For Prompt And Professional Service… CALL 206-238-1099


We provide Garage Door Service & Repair for Doors and Openers, including:

Gold Bar Washington Garage Door Repair Near Me

Gold Bar Washington Garage Door Repair Near Me

  • Complete gear drive, chain, belt and sensor system replacements for openers.
  • Off track doors restored and repaired.
  • Exact spring replacements will be properly balanced and Lifetime Warranties available.
  • Preventative Maintenance and Garage Door Repair for all makes and models.
  • We carry only the best parts in the industry and have Lifetime Warranties available.


Our Business Specializes in Both Commercial and Residential Garage Doors

We are dedicated to offering the highest quality garage doors and service at affordable prices. We carry all models of high-quality Doors, as well as electric operators.

Whether it is a large commercial installation or a garage door for your home, our service is second to none.

We offer new openers featuring the latest technology. They’re all sturdy, reliable and noiseless. Choose from accessory options like multiple transmitters, infra-red safety systems and more.

Garage doors tend to wear with time just like every other equipment. 1st Choice Garage Door Repair Seattle makes good of your money by repairing and maintaining your garage door to ensure it functions well and keeps you and your car safe for a long time. You may opt to do your own garage door maintenance but this could potentially be dangerous and lead to more damage. We are a reliable garage door service company that offers excellent service to our clients by giving solutions that are specific to every client. All our employees are experienced and combined with the latest tools and equipment, we guarantee the best services at the most competitive prices.

Garage Door Repair Near Me in Gold Bar Washington

Garage Door Repair Near Me in Gold Bar Washington

Regardless of what brand or type of garage door you prefer, our repair men are fully capable of handling all problems related to repairing garage doors. Modern garage doors have fragile components and are better handled by professionals, otherwise, it may lead to damage and serious accidents. We have garage door cable and torsion spring repair technicians available in Seattle City and can promptly respond to your emergency needs. Give us a call and you will receive reliable response and fast action when you need your garage door repaired, replaced or installed.

To ensure we serve our customers with the best garage door repair service we have a complete collection of garage door repair parts that all match up to the current trends and are of best quality. Do not get frustrated when your garage door is broken, all you have to do is reach out and we will spare you the stress, energy and time in a short while. We are the best at what we do because we make sure all our clients are happy and that our service is exceptional.

For Garage Door Repair Near Me in Gold Bar Washington… Give Us A Call And We Be At Your Property In a Flash To Get Your Garage Door Working Again… CALL 206-238-1099


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